11 Signs To Know If He Is Cheating On You?

  1. Intuition that something is off, which can be a powerful indicator, especially when combined with other signs.
  2. Becoming less affectionate or emotionally supportive.
  3. Showing signs of guilt or stress without clear reasons.
  4. Mentioning new friends or acquaintances frequently but being vague about them or their relationships.
  5. Picking fights over trivial issues, potentially to justify spending time away.
  6. Being less communicative.
  7. Working late or spending more time “out with friends” without a plausible explanation.
  8. Developing new interests or hobbies that exclude you.
  9. Accusing you of being overly suspicious or paranoid.
  10. Becoming hostile when questioned about their activities.
  11. Increased secrecy about their phone, computer, or social media accounts. They may change passwords or keep devices out of your reach.

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