List of Airports in Pakistan

Pakistan Airports

Pakistan boasts a diverse network of airports, totaling 62 across the country. Three major airports are centrally located in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. These airports serve as essential hubs for domestic and international travel, providing modern facilities and efficient operations to passengers.

Additionally, Pakistan features six medium-sized airports strategically positioned in cities such as Peshawar, Multan, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Quetta, and Sukkur. There are other 6 small but international airports situated in Dera Ghazi Khan, Gwadar, Rahim Yar Khan, Turbat, Skardu, amd Islamkot (under construction). These airports play a vital role in regional connectivity and contribute to economic development in their respective areas.

A noteworthy landmark in Pakistan’s aviation sector is the Sialkot International Airport, the first privately owned airport in Pakistan and South Asia. Operated by the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry, it represents a pioneering venture in airport management and operations.

While the majority of civil airports in Pakistan are operated by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, there are exceptions such as the Sialkot International Airport. Additionally, military airbases, primarily managed by the Pakistan Air Force, play a crucial role in safeguarding the nation’s airspace. Exceptions include Dhamial Army Aviation Airbase in Rawalpindi and Tarbela Army Aviation Airbase, which are operated by the Pakistan Army.

As Pakistan continues to develop its aviation infrastructure, its diverse array of airports remains instrumental in facilitating travel, commerce, and defense operations across the country. From major international gateways to smaller regional airstrips, each airport contributes to Pakistan’s broader connectivity and economic growth.

Civilian list

List of Airports for General Public!

Civil airports

City ICAO IATA Airport name Usage Coordinates

Primary International Airports

Islamabad/Rawalpindi OPIS ISB Islamabad International Airport Public 33°33′56.7″N 72°49′32.34″E
Karachi OPKC KHI Karachi Jinnah International Airport Public 24°54′24″N 067°09′39″E
Lahore OPLA LHE Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport Public 31°31′17″N 074°24′14″E
Secondary international airports
Dera Ghazi Khan OPDG DEA Dera Ghazi Khan International Airport Public 29°57′39″N 070°29′09″E
Faisalabad OPFA LYP Faisalabad International Airport Public 31°21′54″N 072°59′41″E
Gwadar OPGD GWD Gwadar International Airport Public 25°13′56″N 062°19′38″E
Multan OPMT MUX Multan International Airport Public 30°12′12″N 071°25′09″E
Peshawar OPPS PEW Peshawar Bacha Khan International Airport Public 33°59′38″N 071°30′53″E
Quetta OPQT UET Quaid-e-Azam International Airport Public 30°14′24″N 066°56′24″E
Rahim Yar Khan OPRK RYK Shaikh Zayed International Airport Public 28°23′02″N 070°16′47″E
Sialkot OPST SKT Sialkot International Airport Public 32°32′08″N 074°21′50″E
Sukkur OPSK SKZ Begum Nusrat Bhutto International Airport Sukkur Public 27°43′19″N 068°47′30″E
Turbat OPTU TUK Turbat International Airport Public
Islamkot Mai Bakhtawar International Airport(under construction) Public 24°50′50″N 70°05′47″E
Skardu OPSD KDU Skardu International Airport Public 35°20′08″N 075°32′10″E

Domestic Airports

Abbottabad OPAB Abbottabad Airport Public 34°09′N 073°13′E
Badin OPTH BDN Talhar Airport Public
Bannu OPBN BNP Bannu Airport Public 32°58′19″N 070°31′27″E
Bahawalpur OPBW BHV Bahawalpur Airport Public 29°20′53″N 071°43′04″E
Chashma Chashma Airport VVIP 32°25′28″N 071°27′30″E
Chilas OPCL CHB Chilas Airport Public 35°25′37″N 074°05′06″E
Chitral OPCH CJL Chitral Airport Public 35°52′54″N 071°47′53″E
Dalbandin OPDB DBA Dalbandin Airport Public 28°52′30″N 064°24′16″E
Dera Ismail Khan OPDI DSK Dera Ismail Khan Airport Public 31°54′33″N 070°53′47″E
Gilgit OPGT GIL Gilgit Airport Public 35°55′07″N 074°20′01″E
Gujrat GRT Gujrat Airport Public non-commercial 32°37′44″N 74°03′59″E
Hyderabad OPKD HDD Hyderabad Airport Public 25°19′06″N 068°22′00″E
Jacobabad OPJA JAG Jacobabad Airport / PAF Base Shahbaz Public / military 28°17′03″N 068°26′59″E
Jiwani OPJI JIW Jiwani Airport Public 25°04′04″N 061°48′20″E
Kadanwari gas field OPKW KCF Kadanwari Airport Private 27°12′23″N 069°09′23″E
Khuzdar OPKH KDD Khuzdar Airport Public 27°47′40″N 066°38′25″E
Lahore OPLH Walton Airport Public 31°29′41″N 074°20′46″E
Mangla OPMA XJM Mangla Airport Public / military 33°03′00″N 073°38′18″E
Mansehra HRA Mansehra Airport Public / military
Mohenjo-daro OPMJ MJD Moenjodaro Airport Public 27°20′07″N 068°08′35″E
Muzaffarabad OPMF MFG Muzaffarabad Airport Public 34°20′21″N 073°30′31″E
Nawabshah OPNH WNS Benazirabad Airport Public 26°13′10″N 068°23′24″E
Ormara OPOR ORW Ormara Airport/Naval Air Station Ormara Public 25°16′29″N 064°35′10″E
Panjgur OPPG PJG Panjgur Airport Public 26°57′17″N 064°07′57″E
Parachinar OPPC PAJ Parachinar Airport Public 33°54′10″N 070°04′17″E
Pasni City OPPI PSI Pasni Airport Public / military 25°17′26″N 063°20′43″E
Rawalakot OPRT RAZ Rawalakot Airport Public 33°50′59″N 073°47′54″E
Saidu Sharif OPSS SDT Saidu Sharif Airport Public 34°48′48″N 072°21′10″E
Sawan Gas Field OPSW RZS Sawan Airport Private 26°57′34″N 068°52′26″E
Sehwan Sharif OPSN SYW Sehwan Sharif Airport Public 26°28′23″N 067°43′02″E
Shikarpur SWV Shikarpur Airport Public
Sibi OPSB SBQ Sibi Airport Public 29°34′28″N 067°50′35″E
Sindhri OPMP MPD Sindhri Airport Public 25°41′02.6″N 069°04′30.9″E
Juzzak OP35 Juzzak Airport Public / military 29°02′27″N 061°38′51″E
Sui OPSU SUL Sui Airport Public 28°38′43″N 069°10′37″E
Taftan OPTT TFT Taftan Airport Public
Tarbela Dam OPTA TLB Tarbela Dam Airport Public 33°59′10″N 072°36′41″E
Wana OPWN WAF Wana Airport Public
Zhob OPZB PZH Zhob Airport Public 31°21′30″N 069°27′49″E

Military list

List of military airbases.

Military Airport

City ICAO IATA Airport name Usage Coordinates
Chandhar Chandhar Air Force Base Military 32°04′40″N 73°47′25″E
Gujranwala Pakistan Military Airfield Rahwali Military 32°14’27.0″N 74°07’58.6″E
Jacobabad OPJA JAG PAF Base Shahbaz Military 28°17′03″N 68°26′58″E
Jhelum Gurha Salim Airport Military 32°52′44″N 73°36′16″E
Kamra, Attock OPMS PAF Base Minhas (Kamra Air Base) Military 33°52′08″N 72°24′03″E
Karachi OPSF PAF Base Faisal Military 24°52′42″N 67°06′56″E
Karachi OPMR PAF Base Masroor (Karachi Air Base) Military 24°53′37″N 66°56′20″E
Kohat OPKT OHT PAF Base Kohat Military 33°34′14″N 71°26′22″E
Mianwali OPMI MWD PAF Base M.M. Alam Military 32°33′47″N 71°34′15″E
Murid PAF Base Murid Military 32°54′36″N 72°46′26″E
Peshawar PAF Base Peshawar Military 33°59′39.84″N 71°31′44.04″E
Rawalpindi OPRN PAF Base Nur Khan Military/civil 33°36′59″N 073°05′57″E
Rawalpindi OPQS Dhamial Army Airbase Military 33°33′37″N 073°02′00″E
Quetta PAF Base Samungli Military 30°14′33.72″N 068°56′26.52″E
Risalpur OPRS PAF Academy Military 34°04′52″N 071°58′21″E
Sargodha OPSR SGI PAF Base Mushaf (Sargodha Air Base) Military 32°02′55″N 072°39′55″E
Shorkot OPRQ PAF Base Rafiqui (Shorkot Air Base) Military 33°45′29″N 072°16′57″E
Sialkot OPST Pakistan Military Sialkot Cantonment Airport Military 33°34’14.0″N 71°26’22.0″E
Washuk District Shamsi Airfield (Bhandari Airstrip) Military 27°51′0″N 65°10′0″E
Jamshoro District none none PAF Base Bholari(Noriabad Air Base) Military 25°14′35″N 68°02′11″E
Karachi NVCOM OPSF PNS Mehran Military – Naval Air Station 24°52′22″N 67°06′35″E
Gwadar District NVCOM None Naval Air Station Ormara Military – Naval Air Station
Kech District NVCOM None PNS Siddique Military – Naval Air Station

Given above is the list of Airports in Pakistan. This includes every single Pakistan Airports – International Airports, Domestic Airports, Military and Private Airports etc.

The Main Airlines Based in Pakistan

With scheduled passenger traffic and in terms of fleet size, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the main airline in Pakistan which flies to 60 domestic and international airports. It currently has a fleet of 40 aircrafts. Checkout below the list of the main airlines for civil passenger traffic in Pakistan.

IATA Name Callsign Fleet size Destinations
PK Pakistan International Airlines Pakistan 40 60
PA Airblue Pakblue 12 26
ER SereneAir Serene 7 15
PF AirSial Air Sial 5 6
9P Fly Jinnah Okaab 3 5

Freight Volume

Air freight is the volume of freight, express, and diplomatic bags carried on each flight stage (operation of an aircraft from take-off to its next landing), measured in metric tons times kilometres travelled. In 2021, a total of 75.6 million ton-km (= total mass transported in tons multiplied by kilometers traveled) cargo was moved by air in Pakistan. Air transport freight of Pakistan increased from 52 million ton-km in 1972 to 75.6 million ton-km in 2021 growing at an average annual rate of 2.11%.

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