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D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation is an organization for economic cooperation among the following countries: Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkiye. The establishment of D-8  Organization
7th largest country in the world in terms of land area and the 2nd largest country in terms of population. India—a land of diverse cultures and rich heritage—consists of
GDP fell 0.3% in final quarter of last year, dealing blow to Rishi Sunak’s election campaign The Office for National Statistics said all main sectors fell in the final
Jacinda Ardern, a name that resonates with progressive leadership, compassionate governance, and a unique place in the world of politics. Born in Hamilton, New Zealand, on July 26, 1980,
Ali Sethi is known for being the most versatile singer to have emerged from the music scene in recent times as he rose to fame through his rare talent
Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., had a remarkable success story that profoundly impacted modern society. Born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California, Jobs was an adopted
Pakistanis are ecstatic to get their hands on a recently launched digital telecom – ONIC – that claimed to offer fast support, snap activation, top-level mobile connectivity, and impressive
پیر کو لاپتا ہونے والی آب دوز کینیڈا کے جنوب مشرق میں ڈوبنے والے تاریخی بحری جہاز ٹائی ٹینک کی باقیات دیکھنے کے لیے بحرِ اوقیانوس کی گہرائی میں
When Does India celebrate Constitutional Day? India celebrates Constitution day or Samvidhan Divas on November 26 every year. On this day, in 1949, the Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution
ادت پلیچا کی کامیابی کی سب سے حیران کن چیز اس کی عمر ہے۔ وہ صرف 20 سال کا ہے لیکن اس نے نہایت کم وقت میں ایک ایسا
تعمیراتی شعبے کے کنٹریکٹر کے خلاف کریک ڈاوُن ترکیہ میں حکام نے عمارتوں کے انہدام کے الزام میں تعمیراتی شعبے سے وابستہ کنٹریکٹرز کی پکڑ دھکڑ شروع کر دی
انڈونیشیا نے نیا ضابطہ فوجداری منظور کرتے ہوئے بغیرشادی کے جنسی تعلقات کو غیر قانونی قرار دے دیا۔   نئے قوانین کا اطلاق انڈونیشیا اور غیر ملکیوں پر ہوتا
 Atif Mian who’s a well known Economist shared the true definition of corruption through his Twitter Handle. He says that the most damaging sort of corruption is legal. It
ایران نے اخلاقی پولیس کو معطل کر دیا جس نے بڑے پیمانے پر مظاہروں کو جنم دیا ایران کی “اخلاقی پولیس” کی کارروائیوں کو مؤثر طریقے سے معطل کر
Gen Bajwa awarded highest Saudi honour. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has awarded army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa with King Abdulaziz Medal for making “significant contributions in