How To Prevent Bloating After Heavy Meal?

Bloating refers to the feeling of being full and tight, often due to the presence of gas. However, bloating can be very uncomfortable, especially after a heavy meal. Here are a few tips to get away with bloating in your daily routine.

First and foremost, large, heavy meals should be avoided to get rid of bloating. Instead, we should consume small quantities of food, more frequently.

Socond, consuming ginger tea after a meal helps in reducing signs of bloating and easing the process of digestion.

Beyond that, carbonated beverages after a heavy meal can raise stomach acid levels, leading to bloating. Hence, they should be avoided.

More so, chewing food properly and having it slowly helps with digestion. When we eat too fast, it can lead to bloating.

Finally, having a regular exercise routine can also encourage the movement of gas in the digestive tract – this can significantly bring down the risk of bloating.

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