Are Popular Events Like Football World Cup And Other International Sporting Occasions Essential In Easing International Tensions?


Popular events like Football World Cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? You should use your own ideas, knowledge, and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Popular events and other international sporting events are essential in releasing international tensions and in realizing patriotic emotions. These popular events can release international tensions by increasing the people to people contact, by creating a sense of unity, by uniting the players and spectators as well as event organizers from around the world on one platform. This altogether put the conflicts at the backfront by improving the soft power diplomacy, cultural mix and friendly dialogue.

To begin with, one needs to understand what exactly these two terms refer to. So far international tensions are concerned, they refer to conflicts, disputes, or strained relations between countries or groups of nations on a global scale. These tensions can arise due to various factors, including political disagreements, territorial disputes, ideological differences, economic competition, historical grievances, or conflicting strategic interests etc.  

The term popular events vary from culture to culture. These events can be Olympic games that are held every four years, FIFA World Cup, Tour de France. The latter is one of the most famous and challenging cycling events, attracting top cyclists from around the world and drawing large crowds of spectators. 

Essentially, popular events like the FIFA World Cup and other international sporting occasions can play a role in easing international tensions, although their impact can’t be wholesome. These events can contribute to reducing tensions by promoting soft power diplomacy and dialogue.  Moreover, international sporting events provide opportunities for different nations to come together and engage in friendly competition. They can serve as platforms for diplomacy and dialogue, enabling athletes, officials, and spectators from various countries to interact and build relationships. These interactions can help foster understanding, cultural exchange, and positive communication, which can contribute to reducing tensions. People from different cultural backgrounds come across and communicate with each other at popular events. This generates a sense of humanity and internal harmony among them. 

Paradoxically speaking, international sporting events can shift the focus away from political and military rivalries. They provide an opportunity for friendly competition. This diversion of attention can help create a more positivity.

Last but not the least is the fact that international sporting events often evoke a sense of national pride among the people. When a nation’s athletes compete on an international stage, their successes can boost national morale and create a positive image for the country. This shared pride and identity can contribute to a more positive perception of the nation concerned.

However, organizing international sporting events isn’t the absolute remedy to get rid of international conflicts. For this, some extra efforts are required such as normalization of mutual diplomatic relations, bilateral and multilateral cooperation, mutual trade events, and increasing government-to-government contact. Non-government organizations, actors, teachers, social media activists, and influencers can also play their role in releasing international tensions globally.

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