Myth and Reality of Human Equality

Topic: Myth and reality of human equality.



1)- Introduction

Thesis statement: The popular notion of human equality is no more than a myth because of social, economic, administrative, and cultural divisions. A unified approach in education, respect for diversit,y and maintenance of peace can help in achieving some aspects of human equality.

2)- Human equality; origin and a brief history

3)- How humans are equal?

A)- Humans are equal by birth

B)- Constitutions grant social, and political equality

C)- Death; a sign of human equality

D)- International human equality

4)- Why is human equality a myth?

A)- Cultural, racial, and social disparities maintain differential status (dialectical materialism)

B)- economic divergence propagates inequality (Marx’s concepts of social change and class struggle)

C)- Faultlines in governance creates a sense of deprivation

D)- Religious beliefs cultivate seeds of divergence

5)- How human equality can be maintained?

A)- internationalization of education (Bertrand Russell’s views)

B)- Respecting the diversity of life and opinion

C)- maintenance of administrative equality

D)- discouraging hate content and prejudice

E)- Maintaining peace and security

6)- Conclusion

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