Renowned Economist Atif Mian Explains True Meaning Of Corruption?

 Atif Mian who’s a well known Economist shared the true definition of corruption through his Twitter Handle. He says that the most damaging sort of corruption is legal.

It is the self-serving set of rules that allow the governing elite to allocate land and state gifts to their own names for pennies to the dollar.

It is the subsidies and protections that political elite build for themselves to make undeserved profits

It is how the privileged build walls to exclude those of lesser faith or ethnicity to maintain their positions of power.


“fighting corruption” is a popular political slogan, but few ever mention, let alone challenge, the web of rules and discretions that are designed to tilt the system in favor of the very few

Perhaps the great poet Faiz said it best;

‏بنے ہیں اہل ہوس مدعی بھی منصف بھی

کسے وکیل کریں کس سے منصفی چاہیں


Another person on social media who’s a neurosurgeon by profession summarized it beautifully;

‏‎        منصف بھی مصلحت کا روادار ہے یہاں
آؤ کہ اس نظام کی اب فاتحہ کہیں



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