Should Museums Charge An Admission Fee To The Visitors?

Many museums charge for admission, while others are free. Do you think the advantages of charging people for admission to museums outweigh the disadvantages?

A museum is a place that preserves and displays historical events, and objects of artistic, cultural, or scientific significance for the study and education of the public. Museums are actually the storehouse of knowledge and culture.

Many museums charge an entry fee for admission while many others offer a free-of-charge visit. Doubtlessly, the advantages of charging an entry fee outweigh the disadvantages. Collecting admission fee from visitors benefit museum in so many ways. For instance, it brings financial stability, maintenance, and preservation costs.

It also reduces overcrowding through controlled accessibility. The opponents, however, argue that charging an admission fee to visitors would reduce the potential visitors, and deprive people of getting education about cultural and historical aspects.

The proponents of charging admission fees to visitors across the museum believe that admission fees provide a source of revenue. This revenue generation is crucial for the renovation and maintenance costs of museums. Besides, this also helps in organizing new events in museums to grab the audience’s attention.

Yet another benefit is that this will reduce overcrowding and this would facilitate a more educational and comfortable experience for those who do attend the museum. Many museums across the developed countries do charge an admission fee but some offer only occasionally. For example, the Louvre Museum which is located in Paris offers a free of charge visit on the first Sunday of each month except for July and August.

Contrary to that, those who oppose the charging fees to the museums see this as an act of discrimination against the citizens and potential tourists. They are of the view that many people can’t pay for these visits so they would gently be deprived of their right to get information about these monuments of history and tradition.


In conclusion, the museums should continue to charge the citizens an admission fee but they must prioritize affordability all the same. Moreover, the students and researchers must be given special discounts so that they assuredly get a chance to visit such knowledgeable places.

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