Speaking Part 1: Did You Ever Try A Foreign Food?

Speaking Part 1 Did You Ever Try A Foreign Food

Though foreign food is not generally a part of native cuisine in my hometown still I’ve managed to try some Indian and Chinese dishes. Especially, I found Indian cuisine really interesting because it is made by using a lot of spices and vegetables of different kinds. As am not a big fan of non-veg food that’s why I prefer trying some Indian recipes at home whenever I get some time off from my routine.

Moreover, I like Indian food also because vegetables in it provide the all-important vitamins and contribute and maintaining lower cholesterol levels in the body. In particular, I love to taste Indian Dosa every single time because it is quite a healthy breakfast option for those who are conscious about their calorie intake. Dosas are not just a treat for your taste buds but also light on your digestive system. Prepared from rice and lentils, dosa is a fermented breakfast option, which makes it easy for your body to assimilate and digest it. You can also use some other healthy ingredients instead of rice such as oats.

Do you like to try new food? 

Yes, I love to try new dishes whenever I go for a done out with friends or family. Recently, I’ve tried a Middle Eastern dessert called Kunafa. It is really an amazing dish from Arabic cuisine. I liked it so much because it contains a lot of cheese which made it taste even better. I like to watch food vlogs and search for new and unique dishes to try at home. This satisfies my cooking habits as well because I often prefer to cook on my own especially on the days off from work. Moreover, I’d like to try authentic Italian Pizza and traditional Bengali sweets.

What foreign food is famous in your country?

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