Who Should Teach The Children To Become Good Members of Society; Parents or Teachers?

Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion .

Education is the most important tool that one can use to change the world. It is an endless process that starts from the cradle and continues at every stage of life.

A child learns to act through imitating and following his peers and teachers. He learns through observing, copying, and analyzing the activities in their sorrounding environment. Some people believe that it is the responsibility of parents to teach children how to be good members of society. Some others are of the opinion that teachers must take this liability. However, it is the duty of both; the schools, as well as parents to, brought up the children the way they participate in society in a better way.

The term good member of society implies that a person must play a positive role in the community and help others one way or the other. Moreover, a person can be regarded as a good member of society if he is kind and compassionate, and behaves responsibly.

Parents are responsible for teaching their children the attiquates to become a good member of society because these are the ones who accompany with the children most of their time. Children learns by observing the behavior of their parents and peers.

Language, communication skills, ethics are learned abilities of a child that he got through observing his parents. Multiple psychological theories reveal that the children learn new skills and gain new knowledge by imitating the behaviors of parents and peers. So parents are the first and most important learning source for children. Inculcation of good moral, ethical, and social values in the children by parents can transform them into a better human being.

While discussing the role of parents to make children the good members of society we can’t do away with the equally important part that schools perform in this regard.

Teachers have the power to build or destroy, to plant or uproot hope in young minds. Schools can teach the children the most influential and life changing things. They can change the mindset and philosophy of children toward life, success, and hard work. They can inculcate the qualities to become the good members of society. They can teach them how to be patient, compassionate, helpful, devoted, kind and courteous. They can make children eligible to differentiate between the right and wrong. They can make them ethically and morally sound.

In short, both schools and parents play a balanced role in making the children the good members of society. It is unjustified to say that any of them has nothing to do with the upbringing and cognitive development of children. Honesty, integrity, sense of accountability and disciplined attitude is implausible without the joints efforts on the part of parents as well as teachers.

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