What Makes Like Nastya To Have More Than 100 Million Subscribers?


The 9-year-old Russian-American YouTuber is the center of one of the most popular child-themed channels. She has multiple channels and has been featured in YouTube videos as early as December 2016, when she was only two years old. Her one channel has over 107 million subscribers, while a second has 42 million. Her content includes challenges, educational lessons, and other kid-centric themes.

She and her parents create videos that typically involve various imaginative play scenarios, challenges, educational content, and family activities. Originally named Anastasia Radzinskaya, born in 2014, gained widespread popularity due to her engaging and entertaining videos. The channel has garnered millions of subscribers and has become one of the most-watched family-friendly channels on YouTube.

She often displays elements like toys, costumes, and role-playing, all aimed at entertaining and educating young viewers. The channel’s success is mainly attributed to its ability to engage with children through imaginative and relatable scenarios.

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