Our Education System Must Assume Some of the Responsibilities of Our National Failure

Our Education System Responsibilites

1)- Education and its types

  • Formal education
  • informal education
  • non-formal education

2)- Three tier system of education 

  • Primary level education
  • College level education
  • University education

3)- What is meant by national failure?

                      A)-   A national failure is when a state;

  • unable to provide fundamental rights and opoortunities
  • loses its legitimacy
  • features declination in living standards
  • somehow losts its control

4)- How education system assumes some of the responsibilities of our national failure?

                     A)-   Our education system is full of flaws and faultines that make it responsible for our national failure. Therefore, problems in the education system makes us a failed nation at so many fronts. Some of these are;

  • Produces scarcity of skilled labour
  • Literally compromises the technological advancements
  • Mismanages the human resources
  • Hinders mental growth of masses
  • Fails to incorporate elements of morality
  • Brings down the political efficacy of the nation
  • Furthers the class divide and social stratification
  • Somehow patronizes the religious polarisation
  • Increases frustration among the educated youth
  • Disharmonizes the national unity
  • Subsides the economic equality
  • Fails to promote healthcare awareness
  • Fails to ensure gender equity
  • Produces an army of jobseekers
  • Unable to confront the modern day challenges

5)- Various challenges confronting to the education system

  • Lack of uniformity
  • Direction-less education
  • Poor meritocracy
  • Outdated syllabus
  • High Drop-outs
  • Ineffective education policies
  • Missing necessary facilities
  • Overcharging by private-sector institutions
  • Meager strength of faculties

6)- Recommendations for improving the education so as to ensure national prosperity

          A)-  There is a need to reorient the education system so that it can;

  • Promotes the co-existence
  • Respects the diversity of castes and religions
  • Boosts the critical thinking in students
  • Produces entrepreneurs instead of job-seekers
  • Imparts political vigour in the masses
  • Advocates gender equality in all fields of life
  • Reinvigorates economic growth

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