Why Ducky Bhai’s Vlogs Are Hopeless For The Young Audience?

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Ducky Bhai, whose real name is Saad Ur Rehman, is a Pakistani YouTuber and social media personality. He gained popularity for creating comedic content, roasts, and satirical videos on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Ducky Bhai became known for his humorous take on various subjects, as well as his interactions with other social media influencers.

Ducky Bhai’s comedic style and ability to make people laugh helped him attract a large following. He became particularly well-known for his involvement in the roasting culture on social media. He gained attention for creating videos where he humorously critiqued other content creators, often in a lighthearted and satirical manner.

Ducky’s interactions and collaborations with other social media influencers and YouTubers also contributed to his fame. These collaborations often drew attention from their respective fan bases, helping to expand his own following. He also maintained a consistent schedule of content creation, which is crucial for building and retaining a loyal audience on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Ducky also diversified his content to include vlogs, challenges, and collaborations, which helped to keep his audience engaged and interested. Besides, his content attracted viewers not only from Pakistan but also from other countries, helping him gain a broader international following.

About his income from social media, he told on a television show that he earned so well that he could enjoy the comforts for the rest of his life without working anymore. After his marriage with the Aroob Jatoi in 2023, he accompanies her in his vlogs.

To be on the sorry side of the conversation it is heartwrenching that these social media influencers only showcase their wealth, fame, and material belongings. Likewise, Ducky Bhai has purchased his dream car Fortuner Levender that he flaunted in his recent vlogs.

Apart from that, he was showing off multiple varieties of luxury iPhones in another vlog. In this age of restlessness and discontentment, these so-called influencers have nothing to offer something good for the learning of the audience mainly youngsters. Also, these influencers and many others like him never even bother to do lip service for the grass atrocities inflicted against humankind in and outside the country. They never seem to raise their mush listerend voice for the collective good of the society. 

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